About F500

The 500-class is divided in two Championships:

In the F500 World Championship a series of 6 races are located in Italy, Germany, Czechia and Hungary. On each racing-weekend the teams fight in three single runs for a place on the podium.

The O500 European Championship is driven on four locations (Italy, Germany, Poland and Austria).
Beside the both 500ccm-classes there is also the O700-series with four races per season, at venues in the USA, Poland and Czechia.

About F2

Formula 2-races will take place all around the world. An international field of 22-24 drivers match courses with different layouts, which are max. 2 km long per round. Depending on the length of the course about 35-40 rounds are completed per run, the race duration is 30 minutes.

The start is standing from a pontoon, for the safety on and off the race course provides a professional team of divers, race doctors and rescue teams on site.

In the so-called "Time Trials", the 16 fastest drivers are determined for the final "Match Race". A selective course of the race and the determination of "Speed Records" guarantee excitement and thrill for the fans and the racers.


Become a partner of a strong, dynamic team and take advantage of its strong presence in the F500 or the F2 World Championship. As a sponsor of Team Rosenleitner Racing you have the option to place your logo on the overall and the helmet (used in the F2 and F500), or a logo advertising on the F500 or the F2 boat - and that in turn as a main or secondary sponsor.
Detailed information about the sponsorship, the cost and the advertising consideration, we like to discuss in an interview.